At Klätterverket we are serious about safe climbing!

Modern indoor climbing is very safe but it is also important that everyone knows and follows the rules and regulations.

Klätterverket is a climbing gym certified by The Swedish Climbing Federation. This means that everyone that climbs here is insured.

During the most popular hours we also have staff working in the gym to make sure everyone is behaving in a safe way. You can recognize our safety personnel by their red shirts with the text “Hallvärd”.

Everyone that belays on top rope at Klätterverket needs to have their Green card visible on their harnesses. 

The Green card is a belay license handed out by an authorized instructor from the Swedish Climbing Federation. To get the green card you need to complete a theoretical and practical test called an “uppklättring”. This is to make sure you know how to belay properly on top rope.

If you do not know how to belay we recommend our Top Rope courses or Family courses.

Everyone that lead climbs and/or belays on lead at Klätterverket needs to have their Red card visible on their harnesses.